Authentic Spanish Sangria

Sangria is D.O. Protected (Denominación de origen), meaning it has to be produced in Spain or Portugal.

In Spain, a ‘Denominación de Origen” classification is regulated by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and follows strict guidelines to establish the region of origin. This ensures consistent product quality and also protects the name of the product that’s produced in a particular area.

The consejo regulador, a control council, enforces the rules and regulations.

Solsueño Sangria is produced in the D.O. region of Jumilla, in the province of Murcia. Jumilla is one of the driest regions of Spain, with less than 20cms of rain per year and no underground water table to fall back on. The vines are bush-trained and very short, so their energy can be focused on producing top quality grapes. The vineyards are planted at 1,500 vines per hectare, producing 5,000kgs of fruit per hectare. This relatively small production, following long, hot dry summers, leads to high quality and highly concentrated fruit.

Wine Varieties & Production Process

Solsueño sangria is mostly made from the classic spanish tempranillo grape variety, along with some garnacha and monastrell grapes.

The mix of wines is clarified and stabilised, then has aromas (cinnamon), water, citric acid and sugar added to give our distinctive and authentic taste.

Tasting Notes

Solsueño sangria is a bright red liquid, sweet but clean and balanced, with clear aromas of citric fruit and cinnamon.

Add your favourite fruits and ice for the traditional experience!

Solsueño – Sangria in a can

Here are some great reasons to try our sangria in a can:

Convenient, single-serve 330ML can, but also shareable

Delicious 5% ABV liquid, light, easy-drinking, fruity and sweet

Eco-friendly packaging

Perfect size for outdoor events, picnics, bbq’s and more


Over ice

Over ice

With added fruit

With added fruit

Something different

Something different

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